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A History of Success in Injury Claims

At Cranston & Edwards, PLLC, our legal team is highly committed, talented and recognized throughout the state as a highly effective and successful injury law firm. If you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury or lost their lives, pursuing compensation and justice is an urgent matter. The costs of medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering must all be addressed in your claim. The negligent party must be held accountable; your actions could save another person from suffering the same tragedy. Speak to a Morgantown injury attorney from our office about your case.

Our Areas of Practice

Car Accidents
Injuries in auto accidents can range from soft tissue injuries through to broken bones through to a catastrophic injury or fatalities. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a negligent driver, no matter what type of car accident, you need legal representation immediately.

Truck Accidents
Our highways and streets become extremely dangerous and deadly when a negligent truck driver is behind the wheel. There are a variety of types of truck accidents, including big rig, 18 wheeler, delivery truck and semi truck accidents. These can be complex to resolve, and require exceptional skill and knowledge for success.

Motorcycle Accidents
When a motorcyclist is injured, the physical damage they suffer can be extensive. A large number of these devastating accidents are caused by a distracted or inattentive driver that fails to notice that they are sharing the road with the motorcyclist, and impacts them from the back or side.

Bicycle Accidents
A helmet is not enough to protect a bicycle rider from serious injury if they are impacted by a vehicle. A bicycle accident can lead to permanent disability, the need for long term medical care and treatment, and other damages.

Birth Injuries
During the birth process, when attending doctor or other medical professional fails to provide the accepted standard of care, an innocent child can be permanent injured. If you believe that your child was injured due to a breach of duty, it is vital that you have legal with experience in medical malpractice cases.

Boating Accidents
Inexperienced, intoxicated or irresponsible boat operators are a dangerous hazard to individuals and families. When an accident takes place, the injuries often include death by drowning, or brain damage from oxygen deprivation.

Burn Injuries
Whether serious burns are caused by an explosion, toxic exposure, fires, an electrical accident, a car, truck or other type of accident, the physical and emotional damage is extensive. Permanent scarring, disfigurement and a series of surgeries and treatments can be necessary.

Catastrophic Accidents
Certain injuries are so severe that the individual will never again enjoy the quality of life they had prior to the accident. Permanent disabilities such as paralysis, disfiguring scars, brain damage and other injuries are termed catastrophic.

Construction Accidents
The construction trade has inherent dangers, but when safety regulations are violated, or another company endangers workers the situation can become deadly. Scaffolding collapse, electrical accidents, equipment failures and gas explosions can lead to permanent injury or death.

Dangerous Drugs
There are medications that are approved by the FDA and make it onto the market that are later discovered to have serious and deadly side effects. When enough side effects are reported, the drug can be withdrawn or the manufacturer may be required to add "black box" warnings.

Defective Products
Any commercial product is expected to perform correctly and be safe when the directions for use are followed. Defective, faulty or dangerous products can cause innocent people terrible injuries and other damages. These can include toys, baby furniture, cars, auto parts and any other product.

Medical Malpractice
Although the medical profession carries insurance to cover them should a medical error take place, a malpractice claim can be difficult to get resolved. If you are the victim of malpractice through a medical error, failure to diagnose, wrong diagnosis or other issue, legal action should be undertaken as early as possible after the damage has occurred.

Mining Accidents
Miners in West Virginia risk their lives every day when working in the mining industry. Should a mining company fail to follow the safety regulations imposed by the Mine Safety and Health Administration, and state agencies, they can be held accountable for damages after an injury or death.

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse
The incidence of abuse or neglect in nursing homes continues to rise. As the population gets older, the need for more facilities has increased. Unfortunately, some of these facilities use untrained staff, or engage in activities that harm the residents and patients, such as over-medication, lack of proper hygiene, bedsores and physical, mental and even sexual abuse.

Pedestrian Accident
The injuries and other damages that are the result of an impact of a vehicle with a pedestrian are often fatal or lead to permanent disability or extremely serious. These accidents are most often the result of negligent drivers. A drunk, inattentive, speeding or reckless driver can ruin the lives of innocent people.

Premises Liability
When an accident takes place on the property of another person, corporation or government agency, compensation for damages could be pursued in cases in which it can be proven that the owner or manager failed to exercise reasonable care for the safety of those who are present, including cases of slip & fall.

Dog Bites
Vicious dogs that are allowed to run loose can seriously injure those who live in the neighborhood or who are passing by on foot. Many victims of dog attacks are children, and they frequently suffer very serious injuries to the head, neck, face and upper body.

Traumatic Brain Injury
When the skull is impacted in a car accident, truck accident, slip & fall or other type of accident, the damage can be permanent. Cases of TBI can lead to permanent disability, and in the most serious cases, the victim can be in a coma or permanent vegetative state.

Wrongful Death
When an act of negligence or a dangerous or illegal act leads to the death of an innocent person, the close family has the right to pursue compensation. There is a statute of limitations that restricts the time in which a claim can be filed.

If you are suffering because of any of the following, get in touch with our Morgantown personal injury lawyer right away!

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