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We trust manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to provide us with items that make life easier, safer, more productive, and enjoyable. The last thing we expect is to be harmed by the items we purchase and bring into our homes and businesses. If you or a loved one have sustained a serious injury due to a faulty product of any kind, the skilled trial attorneys at Cranston & Edwards PLLC may be able to secure a substantial monetary award on your behalf. Dangerous drugs, toys, hairdryers, appliances, car seats, sports equipment, over-the-counter medications and hygiene aids, and many other defective products harm thousands every day. If a defective consumer product caused you to suffer a serious injury when used as intended, contact our law firm immediately. Call: 304-296-3500.

Consumer Goods Must Be Free of Harmful Defects & Dangers Must Be Listed

All consumer goods are legally expected to be free of harmful defects. They must also include any warnings regarding dangers of use and how to avoid being harmed while using the product as intended. Designers and manufacturers are expected to test their products for safety and adhere to the strict standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and other governmental agencies.

Victim of Corporate Negligence? Call for a Free Case Evaluation

When profits are placed above safety, injuries happen. If you were harmed as a direct result of using a product as intended and believe you have been victimized by corporate greed or negligence, contact our law firm for a free evaluation of your claim. There are several general categories of goods that can be considered “defective products,” but if you have been seriously injured by a product you do not see listed, please contact us for a free case evaluation.

  • Dangerous Drugs
  • Defective Medical Devices
  • Defective Automobiles & Parts
  • Defective Machinery
  • Defective Consumer Goods

Types of Product Defects

Cranston & Edwards PLLC is not afraid to go after the designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers responsible for causing your serious injury, no matter how large the industry or how complex the case. If they are liable, we will work tirelessly to prove it, hold them accountable, and get the compensation you deserve for your catastrophic injuries.

  • Design Defects & Engineering Flaws
  • Flaws in Production/Assembly
  • Tampering/Contamination
  • Hazardous Materials Used In Production
  • Failure to Anticipate Uses and Dangers of the Product
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Marketing Defects (Inaccurate/Inadequate Warnings)
  • Failure to Recall

Financial Compensation for Product Liability Claims

Liable parties commonly attempt to deny responsibility and shift the blame to consumers. When companies place unsafe products on the market, fail to disclose the dangers, and innocent people are harmed, Cranston & Edwards PLLC works to get these dangerous products off the shelves. We also help our clients get the financial compensation they need to face the struggles, expenses, and diminished life quality related to the incident. We hold all responsible parties accountable for the maximum compensation payable by law.

We Can Assist With Class Action and Mass Tort Lawsuits

Asbestos, Shower Talc, Baby Powder and Ovarian Cancer

The use of certain types of powder on the genitals has been linked to a 33-92% increase in the risk of ovarian cancer in women, as well as the development of mesothelioma. Johnson & Johnson (one of the largest manufacturers of baby powder, Shower to Shower, and other talc-based powders designed to be applied to genital areas) and other talcum-based product manufacturers were aware of the deadly risk of their talc-based products for at least 60 years (since 1957) and failed to act – or even warn consumers. Talc has been shown to migrate to the fallopian tubes, where it becomes embedded within the ovaries, forming cancerous tumors. Talc is also commonly cross-contaminated with asbestos, a leading cause of mesothelioma.

Faulty 3M Combat Arms Military Ear Plugs and Hearing Loss

The use of 3M Combat Arms Military ear plugs (version 2 CAEv2) has been linked to the development of chronic tinnitus and permanent hearing loss. The company has not denied the fact that these ear plugs failed to protect the hearing of hundreds of thousands who entrusted their hearing to these defective ear plugs.

Baby Rock-N-Play and Kids II Sleeper Deaths

Fisher Price, Mattel, and Kids II were aware that their Rock-N-Play Sleeper and inclined sleepers for babies created a situation that was causing the deaths of infants, yet failed to act in a timely manner. This negligence resulted in dozens of preventable deaths and untold anguish for families across the country. While the company has issued a recall and is offering refunds or vouchers for the purchase price of the Rock-N-Play Sleeper, this act is an insufficient and meaningless gesture for those who have lost a baby in this manner.

Dangerous Breast Implants, BIA ALCL, and Cancer

Breast augmentation patients fitted with textured breast implants may be at an increased risk of developing a specific type of cancer. Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA ALCL) develops within the scar capsule of the breast implant and has been associated with textured breast implants according to the US Food and Drug Administration. BIA ALCL has affected hundreds and killed nine so far. France, Canada, and Australia are already taking action on these implants. Various other cancers, arthritis, connective tissue disease, MS, and other illnesses have also been associated with these breast implants.

Other Class Actions

  • Capillus82 Laser Hair Growth Cap Failure
  • Air Bags Failure to Deploy (Toyota, Fat, Chrysler, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi)
  • 3M Respirator Masks — Black Lung Disease
  • 9/11 Victim Cancer
  • Fluoroquinolones Antibiotics Pharmaceutical Injuries & Death
  • Actemra Pharmaceutical Injuries & Death
  • Arthrex & Exactech Defective Knee Replacements
  • Actos Pharmaceutical Injuries & Death
  • 3M Bair Hugger Warmer Blanket Joint Replacement Injuries & Death
  • Asbestos Injuries & Death
  • Essure Birth Control Pharmaceutical Injuries & Death
  • BOB Jogging Stroller Injuries & Death
  • Avelox, Levaquin, and Cipro Pharmaceutical Aortic Aneurysms

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured by these or any other defective products, or you have lost a loved one due to corporate negligence, contact Cranston & Edwards PLLC for a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys to determine if you qualify to file a lawsuit. Our trial attorneys pursue the maximum compensation allowed by law. Call: 304-296-3500.