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Nursing homes are legally responsible when an act of negligence occurs on the premises. Binding legal contracts mandate that the facility must uphold their duty of care to the patients and residents living at the facility. When they do not and serious injuries or death occur, the aggressive trial attorneys at Cranston & Edwards PLLC hold them accountable.

Loved One Neglected In a Morgantown, WV Nursing Home?

Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is becoming more common in Morgantown and throughout north central West Virginia. We are seeing more incidents than ever before of serious neglect resulting in falls, assaults, bedsores, failure to prevent, diagnose, and treat strokes, heart attacks, and cancer – and even sexual assaults. Shockingly, nearly 50% of nursing home patients have reported being victimized by neglect and almost all have witnessed neglect in action. This is unacceptable.

Protecting the Rights of Nursing Home Residents

When nursing homes and medical facilities choose to put their own profits ahead of their patients’ health and safety, the experienced trial attorneys at Cranston & Edwards PLLC fight hard to help keep your loved one safe and protect your rights.

Do the Right Thing. Expose Nursing Home Neglect.

Pursuing a legal claim against the nursing home facility where a loved one is being neglected can be frightening. We understand the emotions you are going through. At Cranston & Edwards PLLC, our team is proud to be known for our compassionate approach to our neglected clients. We educate and empower you so you can feel confident that you are making the right decision in exposing the negligence – both for your loved one and for others who have no one to speak for them. If you have witnessed or suspect that your loved one is experiencing neglect at the hands of those whose job it is to keep them safe, do the right thing and call our legal team at: 304-296-3500. Rest assured that Cranston & Edwards PLLC is with our clients every step of the way.

Nursing Home Conditions Ripe for Negligence

In many long-term care and nursing facilities, conditions are crowded, employees are undertrained and understaffed, and may feel a certain amount of resentment. These conditions can create a situation ripe for negligence of residents and patients. Your loved one does not deserve to be mistreated in this manner!

We Do Not Tolerate Neglect of Our Elders – Know the Signs

The people we entrust to care for our parents and grandparents should provide the same level of care we gave them when we were able to do so. At Cranston & Edwards PLLC, we do not tolerate the despicable neglect of our elders. If you are witnessing unusual signs when you visit with your loved one such as the patient seeming drugged, confused, scared, dirty or ungroomed, or having frequent cuts and/or bruises, an unpleasant smell, bloodied undergarments, missing belongings/money, broken bones, lacerations, or any other symptoms of neglect, let us know. These are not typical signs of aging, but rather, neglect.

Physical Abuse – Hitting, pushing, punching, kicking, rough handling and positioning, unnecessary restraint, force feeding, etc. (can result in broken bones, lacerations, dislocations, bruises, scratches, and evident fear)

Neglect – Failure to care for the needs of the patient, including failure to provide assistance with eating and drinking (can result in malnutrition, dehydration, bedsores, development of incontinence, skin breakdown under disposable briefs, immobility due to lack of assistance maintaining mobility, poor personal hygiene, dirty clothing, body odor, unwashed hair, dirty/overgrown nails, lack of essential personal grooming, sudden unexplained weight loss, cracked lips, dry mouth, swollen tongue, weakness, reduced urinary output, and death)

Emotional/Psychological/Mental Abuse – Verbal abuse, criticism, degrading/derogatory comments, offensive language, etc.

Sexual Abuse – Unwanted sexual contact or exposure

Drug Abuse – Over or under-medication (signs include confusion, disorientation, drowsiness, and sleeping all the time)

Financial Abuse – Theft and deception (includes guardianship abuse)

Maximum Financial Compensation Judgements
Against Predators of Senior Citizens

Cranston & Edwards PLLC fights to immediately stop the neglect and protect the rights of older individuals in nursing home and long-term care facilities, and then pursue the maximum financial compensation allowed by law against all individuals and entities who prey on our vulnerable senior citizens. We show these predators no mercy. If you believe a loved one has suffered serious physical or psychological injuries at the hands of nursing home staff, contact the skilled trial lawyers at Cranston & Edwards PLLC for a free case evaluation today. Call: 304-296-3500.

There is never a fee unless we get money for your case!