Drowsy & Distracted Driving Accident Injury Lawyers

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Have you been seriously injured as a result of an accident caused by a drowsy or distracted driver? You may be entitled to receive a significant cash payment for your injuries. The skilled trial lawyers at Cranston & Edwards PLLC have over 60 years of collective experience getting the maximum compensation allowed by law for distracted driving claims. Contact us to find out if you are eligible to receive restitution for your medical and personal expenses, as well as pain, suffering, and other losses and damages.

Texting While Driving Causes Serious Injuries and Death

Texting while driving, and the use of handheld cellphones, has been outlawed in West Virginia since 2012. Yet, numerous drivers challenge the law every year – and many end up causing serious injuries and deaths. If you have been seriously harmed by a fatigued or careless motorist, you need to understand your rights. Contact the personal injury lawyers at Cranston & Edwards PLLC as soon as possible for a free case evaluation. Our goal is to secure the maximum compensation allowed by law for each of our clients in Morgantown and throughout all of north central West Virginia.

A Skilled Legal Team Is Essential 

Distracted and drowsy drivers are responsible for tens of thousands of injuries, and thousands of deaths, every year. In some cases, drivers may actually fall asleep behind the wheel. Those who drive without applying their full attention to the task pose serious dangers to all those around them. Whether operating a motor vehicle in a sleep-deprived state, or while reading, texting, or otherwise impaired, the results can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, although the results are similar to drunk driving, drowsy and distracted driving can be hard to conclusively detect. This is why having a skilled legal team on your side is essential.

Personal Injury Representation On a Contingency Basis

Cranston & Edwards PLLC has secured numerous judgements and settlements in excess of one million dollars for our clients to help cover medical expenses, lost income, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and other losses as a result of serious personal injuries. Our legal team works on a contingency basis, so you owe no out of pocket expenses – and nothing is payable to us unless we win your case. You have nothing to lose. We can come to your home or hospital if you are unable to come to our Morgantown office. Call us now for a free case evaluation: 304-296-3500.