5 Truths About Nursing Home Neglect That Every Family Should Know

5 Truths About Nursing Home Neglect

What Every Family Should Know

Many very fine long-term personal care facilities are available, offering skilled, compassionate, and attentive care. Yet, there is no guarantee that your loved one is receiving the level of care you were promised in shiny brochures and carefully executed facility tours. Similar to medical facilities, nursing homes are businesses. As such, they are prone to the pitfalls and consequences of cost-saving measures that can affect the care your family member receives.

If your loved one resides in a nursing home or personal care facility, it is crucial to be aware of certain uncomfortable truths. Again, while these certainly do not apply to all care homes, you should take steps to ensure they do not apply to the facility where YOUR loved one resides.

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Genesis Healthcare Sued for Nursing Home Negligence

A Fayette County man has decided to pursue a lawsuit against Genesis Healthcare and Hidden Valley Center for incidents of nursing home negligence against his sister. The woman was a resident at Hidden Valley Center, which is part of Genesis, from November 8, 2012 to December 18, 2012 according to reports. During this time, her brother claims that his sister not only suffered neglect from the professionals, but abuse and mistreatment as well.

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