Quick Cold Weather Safety Tips for Everyone in West Virginia

The weather forecast for West Virginia is looking frightfully cold. If you have lived here for a while, then you know the state is no stranger to cold winters. However, some places in the state are seeing below-freezing cold snaps that bring up legitimate concerns. To help everyone stay safe this winter, the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is asking everyone to remember a quick list of safety tips.

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Why Do Dangerous Drugs Reach the Market?

Pay attention to the news on any given day and you will probably be presented with one story or another about the latest dangerous drug that is causing widespread side effects across the country. Sometimes it is not even a new drug that you are being warned not to take but instead one that has been on the market for years and years. Prozac, for example, has been around for decades and consumers have been warned that it may cause suicidal tendencies, rather than prevent them as it is supposed to do, from day one.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms: Recognition and Treatment

Due to the delicate nature of the brain, any number of accidents or incidents can cause someone to suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI), from car accidents to dangerous prescription drugs. Even a brain injury that could be considered mild in comparison to a traumatic brain injury can cause the victim to suffer lifelong consequences, such as memory or sensory loss. If left untreated or diagnosed, it is not uncommon for a TBI to result in death.

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