If You Were Seriously Injured by Toxin Exposure at Work, You Need to Act Fast

Seriously Injured by Toxins, Poisons, or Hazardous Materials at Work In WV?

You Must Act Fast

Chemical manufacturing is the top industrial sector in West Virginia, followed closely by motor vehicles and parts, metals, petroleum and coal, aerospace and transportation equipment, plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco products – all of which pose a distinct threat to manufacturing industry employees statewide. If you were exposed to hazardous chemicals toxins, or poisonous materials at work and suffered serious harm, it is important to obtain first aid and emergency medical treatment right away, then contact a West Virginia personal injury attorney skilled at protecting your rights.

Acute Versus Chronic Poisoning

If you were exposed to a very high level of a toxin, or a particularly toxic chemical, you may have developed symptoms immediately or shortly following exposure. This acute level of poisoning can be easier to connect to the source of exposure; however, most workers that become seriously ill or develop occupational diseases related to hazardous chemicals and poisons suffer chronic exposure day after day. It may take many years or even decades of exposure to poisonous substances for workers to become sick enough to realize what happened. Although proving the cause in these cases is more complex, our law firm provides the effective legal representation and strategic casework you need to protect your rights and resolve your claim.

Diseases Caused by Chemical Exposure

Common Dangerous Chemicals & Toxins

Symptoms of Being Slowly Poisoned

There may initially be few to no symptoms that might alert you that you are being slowly poisoned by the presence of a toxic substance, mold, hazardous chemical, or other dangerous material. If you do notice the following symptoms (they may come and go) or other issues of concern, be sure to seek medical attention right away:

-Persistent Feeling of Nausea/General Sick Feeling
-Stomach Pain
-Lack of Appetite
-Skin Rash
-Burns Around Eyes/Nose/Mouth or Area of Exposure
-Trouble Breathing
-Difficulty Swallowing
-Bluish Tinge to Lips and Skin
-Excess Salivation/Drooling
-Blurred/Double Vision
-Fever (100F and above)
-Loss of Consciousness

This is not a comprehensive list of symptoms. Many additional symptoms may be present depending on the chemical or substance in question.

It Is Important to Obtain Legal Representation Right Away

At-fault companies have been known to deny responsibility even when the evidence against them is clear. For an example on the broader scale, we are discovering that the bodies of nearly all Americans now contain toxic fluorinated “forever chemicals” (PFAs) known to cause cancer, thyroid disorders, and developmental delays in children. We know exactly who is responsible, the companies’ own internal documents have proved they were aware of these dangers for decades, and yet the companies still refuse to take responsibility and help clean up the mess they made. If an at-fault party even suspects that you may take action to hold them accountable, they may take steps to conceal evidence or even go so far as to relocate or otherwise shirk their duty. If you have been poisoned by exposure to toxins at work the best course of action you can take is to secure legal representation immediately.

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At Cranston & Edwards PLLC, our firm handles only personal injury and wrongful death cases. Our attorneys are trusted to investigate a wide range of claims related to injuries and deaths caused by industrial exposure to toxins, poisons, caustic chemicals, and other hazardous materials, but it is important that you act promptly. Time is limited to file your initial claim.

If you or your loved one have suffered a serious personal injury due to exposure to toxins or hazardous chemicals at work, we are here to help you fight for your rights and get the maximum compensation for your losses. Our AV® Rated law firm works on a contingency basis for those who have been seriously injured or lost a family member from the negligence or fault of another. Contact our experienced personal injury lawyers for effective legal representation, more than 55 years of collective litigation experience, proven skills, and a track record of success. There are absolutely no legal fees until we win your claim. For a free evaluation of your case, call us at 304-296-3500.

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