What Causes Birth Injuries?

When a newborn suffers an injury either during birth, shortly before, or immediately after, it is referred to as a birth injury. Complications from birth injuries can frequently last a lifetime due to the fact that the infant must now begin to develop and mature with a disability or debilitation. The only way to ensure that a birth injury does not harm a newborn is to prevent them from happening altogether, and this task requires an understanding of what causes them.

Although there are some instances where a mother’s habits during pregnancy can harm the developing fetus, such as smoking or drinking, this is not actually all-that-common a source of birth injuries. Instead, medical malpractice from a pediatrician, doctor, or nursing staff can harm the child in a dangerous moment of negligence.

Negligent acts that can lead to birth injuries include:

Contortion: When a doctor is assisting or guiding a birth, they must use utmost care to cradle and protect the newborn. Permanent deformities may occur if a doctor tries to force a baby in one direction or another, sometimes pulling or twisting it. Erb’s Palsy injuries occur when the infant is mishandled and the nerves and tendons in their shoulder become damaged.

Dangerous prescriptions: Any medicine that a pregnant mother takes will also affect her child. Doctors and pharmacists giving prescriptions to pregnant or nursing women need to understand the potential dangers it can pose to unborn children and newborns.

Oxygen deprivation: During birth, a number of problems can arise that cause the infant to experience oxygen deprivation. Hospital staff members present must constantly monitor the mother’s life signs and the baby’s to prevent permanent brain damage from occurring.

Bruising and disfigurement: Some doctors prefer to use medical tools, such as forceps, to assist a mother as she births her child. Such tools are perfectly acceptable when used carefully but may cause significant harm if delicateness is not exercised.

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