3 Facts About Texting and Driving That Will Shock You

3 Shocking Facts About Texting and Driving

Using a handheld electronic device while driving is strictly banned in West Virginia. Yet, we continue to witness lives being destroyed throughout the state as a result of cellphone use and texting while driving. In our office, we see this pain and anguish every day. It never gets easier.

The use of cellphones behind the wheel contributes to an estimated 1.5 million traffic accidents each year and the loss of more than 500 lives. If someone you know continues to text and drive, we hope you’ll join us in giving a thumbs down to this extremely dangerous practice. Perhaps hearing these three worrisome facts from you will help them understand that it’s just not worth it. If the message is truly that important, just pull over.

#1 It Delays Your Response Time As Much As Being Drunk

Using a cellphone in any manner, hands-free or not, has been shown to delay reaction time as much as if you were legally intoxicated.

#2 Everyone Knows You’re Doing It – Including the Police

If you’re still texting and driving, you might think you’re pretty slick, but we all see you. The signs indicating that you are texting while driving are blatantly obvious. Swerving. Crossing over the line. Running into curbs. Crashing your car – if it hasn’t happened yet, odds are extremely high that it will.

If law enforcement personnel suspect you are using your phone, they can pull you over, view your usage data, and find out – and the penalties and consequences can be harsh.

Aside from traffic tickets, fines, and points on your driver’s record, the average impact on car insurance premiums for a texting while driving violation is a staggering 23% surcharge, which translates to an average of more than $1,000.

#3 It’s Like Driving With Your Eyes Shut

You would not dare drive down the highway at 55 miles an hour while squeezing your eyes closed, but when you take your gaze off of the road to read or respond to that very important text the result is exactly the same. At this high rate of speed, you and your vehicle will travel the length of a football field while glancing at that text just long enough to read it (about 5 seconds).

If your decision to text and drive results in property damage, or you hurt or kill someone, you will likely be forced to face the consequences in a criminal and/or civil court of law. Texting while driving caused 1.6 million car crashes last year – that is 1 in every 4 accidents. Don’t become a statistic.

As the terrible facts and statistics related to texting while driving become more well-known and drivers are realizing how truly dangerous this practice can be, we are finally beginning to witness decreases in traffic accidents and fatalities. At Cranston & Edwards PLLC, we care about the communities we serve. We don’t like to see people hurt and killed in accidents that were completely preventable. Please don’t text while driving.

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