Catastrophic Accidents – How to Fight for Your Loved One

Catastrophic Accidents

How to Fight for Your Loved One

Catastrophic injuries are costly – and not just financially. The loss of all of the hopes and dreams you had for your loved one, being unable to enjoy life together as you had hoped, and having your entire future ripped from reality can be utterly devastating for the victim, as well as you and your entire family. Learn how to fight to get financial justice and the compensation you will need to provide a lifetime of care for your family member who was catastrophically injured through no fault of their own in West Virginia.

I’m Very Busy. Why Do I Need to Fight for Financial Compensation?

Firstly, if Cranston & Edwards PLLC are able to represent you and your family in the personal injury claim, we will handle everything for you. Not only are you entitled to recovery for past medical bills, lost wages, and expenses related to the care your loved one requires as a result of injuries incurred as a result of the accident, we can help you pursue coverage for future anticipated losses, as well. This may include assistance with 24-hour nursing and in-home care that can help take some of the burden of care off of you, as applicable. Securing adequate compensation will allow your loved one to access all the advantages of modern medicine. This can help you offer the best chance at achieving an increased level of comfort, the most effective treatments, and maybe even a shot at a future cure for some conditions for which none currently exist. With conservative estimates for lifetime care for those who have been catastrophically injured easily topping many millions of dollars, even if you can afford this expense, why in the world would you choose not to hold the at-fault party accountable?

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Why Is a Catastrophic Injury Claim Different?

If your loved one suffered a severe injury and/or permanent disability such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis, amputation, serious burns, crushing injuries, nervous system damage, or other catastrophic bodily harm, obviously the expenses your family will incur are likely to be very high. The effects of bodily harm are expected to be permanent, as well. Calculating of the non-financial losses to your family is not as clear-cut. Because these costs go beyond medical bills, lost wages, medications, and other tangible costs to include intangible losses that may include compensation for a lifetime of pain, suffering, loss of companionship, loss of mobility and body function, loss of life enjoyment, and other factors that can’t be measured with a receipt – but are just as important – we must be careful to secure a fair settlement that takes all of these issues into consideration.

You Must Be Aware of Dishonest Tactics Used by Some Insurance Companies

Whether you hire us, another firm, or go up against a large insurer alone (please note that we strongly advise against that), it is important to be aware of how deceitful and intimidating some insurance companies can be when dealing with injury victims and their families. In some cases, the tactics are so outrageous you may find it hard to even believe your ears, but we’ve seen it all – and they are constantly devising new ways to tie up the process. Their ultimate goal is, of course, to make you and your family so desperate for financial compensation that you have no choice but to cave in and settle for far less than you are entitled to. Watch out if you hear such things as:

  • It is impossible to prove the permanent physical and emotional impacts of the injuries.
  • The accident was your/your family member’s fault.
  • Your claim is simply invalid/denied.
  • So, I understand it was raining/cloudy/foggy/snowing/sleeting/icy/dark/sunny/etc. at the time of the accident?
  • We can’t accept the word of your doctor. You will have to be examined by our approved providers.
  • Tell me about what more you/your loved one could have done to avoid the accident.
  • You don’t need an attorney. They only want to take what’s yours.

The insurer is NOT on your side, whether they are your own company or not. If they may be held liable to pay all or part of a claim for your or your family member’s injuries, you would be wise to view them with some degree of caution. In fact, ideally you should not talk with them at all. They are often known for asking skillfully worded “loaded” questions designed to trick you into stating that the accident was your fault, getting this statement recorded, and using it to “prove” the accident was partially or all your fault when you know it wasn’t. Do yourself a favor. Do not talk to them. Do not sign anything. Call Cranston & Edwards PLLC immediately.

How Much Will My Legal Fees Cost?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. There is no fee for your initial case review and if Cranston & Edwards PLLC represents your claim, you will owe us nothing unless we recover on you and your family’s behalf. Securing the assistance of a dedicated personal injury attorney is the ideal way to get the best possible outcome for your case!

Why Do I Need Expert Testimony?

Due to the high stakes involved in catastrophic injury cases, professional testimony from industry experts is essential. The at-fault party will use every means at their disposal to disprove your claim. We must not only prove fault, but also secure the testimony of those who are qualified to attest to the likely future need and cost of medical care, therapy, surgical procedures, auxiliary care, and other issues, expenses, and factors. In some cases, we will also need to hire accident reconstructionist, researchers, economists, and other expert witnesses. The exact team we hire will depend on the unique aspects of your case.

Why Is This Taking So Long?

The Importance of a Thorough Investigation

Please understand that we know it is a significant hardship to face the high expenses of medical treatments, therapy, medications, surgery, and other care your loved one requires. Remember, we are fighting to keep your claim rolling along despite insurers who may be using every method they know in attempts to delay as long as possible. In addition, keep in mind that we are not simply seeking recovery for past losses, but all future expenses for a lifetime. We seek to ensure that you will be able to cover this anticipated future care and be fairly compensated for pain, suffering, and other losses, as well. We strive to get every penny your family is entitled to receive. Therefore, a thorough investigation is required. Our goal is to identify all responsible parties – and there may be many more than you might imagine. These may include equipment manufacturers, retailers, doctors, nurses, medical facility owners, insurers, other businesses, trucking companies, drivers, office staff, and other at-fault parties, depending on the specifics of your case. We work with care to identify all of these liable parties, thoroughly research, collect evidence, handle all of the insurance companies involved (there may be several), and address any number of additional concerns to help ensure we are able to secure the maximum compensation for your loved one’s catastrophic injuries.

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