Distracted Drivers & Defensive Driving: A Whole New Level

It is no surprise that as smartphones were invented and quickly grew in popularity and accessibility, the occurrence of distracted driving increased. Now, years after the first smartphone appeared, it is a daily occurrence to see drivers looking at their phones, no doubt checking social media, text messages, changing music or watching videos. These moments when eyes are off the road and attention is elsewhere are the moments when people can die, be seriously injured and be in disastrous accidents. If you’re involved in an accident with a distracted driver, your injuries and damages warrant compensation. Utilize the experience and knowledge honed by our team of Morgantown auto accident lawyers at Cranston & Edwards, PLLC: put a strong ally on your side.

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Not only do drivers have to watch for signs of drunk driving, speeding or erratic driving, we also must watch out for drivers who are looking at their phones. An article in Huffington Post’s online publication described how with the prevalence of smartphone interactions on the road, we have to be defensive against cars and pedestrians who go straight through red lights and off of curbs. People are not paying attention to simple road laws and signs anymore-because they are completely oblivious to the world outside of their phones.

To be defensive drivers we must change the way we approach driving by doing the following:

Watch for lights inside vehicles, specifically ones coming from people’s lap area- this is a sign that they are looking at their phone.

Watch for heads directed down, or for people holding their phones up in front of them.

Approach intersections with extreme caution and wait for signs of slowing before proceeding (cars that are not slowing as they close in on a red light are a sign of a distracted driver).

Watch pedestrians who are approaching the street. Are they looking at their phones while walking, possibly right off the curb?

Scan lanes around you for drivers who are looking down and swerving, to be aware of potential accidental lane changes
Changing how you approach intersections, crosswalks and defensive driving, in general, may not make up for distracted-driver negligence, but hopefully, it will help you to avoid potential accidents. It pays to put down your phone, give the road your full attention and save the lives of loved ones and other drivers.


Countless accidents happen every day that involve distracted drivers. People are looking at their phones more than the road and it is causing serious injuries on the roadways. If you are injured in a distracted driving accident, you deserve compensation. Distracted drivers should be held responsible for their actions, and it is our job to help you keep them accountable. Let our team of Morgantown auto accident attorneys help you with your case by reviewing the accident details, interviewing witnesses and pursuing compensation for the full extent of the damages. We want to stand by your side, so you can focus on recovering.

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