Hurricane Sandy Hits West Virginia

Hurricane Sandy is being felt across the North East by residents that are coping with extreme conditions. Originally considered to be a tropical storm, the characteristics of it have changed since its origin and it is now being referred to as post tropical by the National Hurricane Center. Sandy touched down on the coast in New Jersey with winds reaching around 80 mph. Since that time, it has also been reduced to a Superstorm, rather than a hurricane.

Many are feeling the effects and Sandy has flooded streets, dropped temperatures and even left eight million people on Tuesday without power. This superstorm is being felt in West Virginia as well, after a two day blizzard left the area with far more snow than what is usually experienced around this time of year. Roads have been closed, leaving residents there to battle the conditions which included a drop to 28 degrees and winds that reached up to 40 mph. This sent the snow drifts soaring through the air, about four to six feet off of the ground. Residents are not through the worst yet and it is expected to continue on until Wednesday. The northeastern section of the state was left without power and it is estimated that about 121,559 homes were affected.

The President declared the state to be a federal disaster area. Those in the area are encouraged to take extreme caution as it can be easy for an injury or worse to occur. Slick roads and clouded conditions can lead to car accident or slip and falls. If you or a loved one have dealt with an injury that you believe was caused by the negligence of another person, do not wait to retain the services of our office. To begin, fill out a case evaluation form online and we will get in contact with you.