How to Recognize a Brain Injury?

Many people will at some time face a trauma to their head. It is not uncommon for this area of the body to be injured, but it can vary greatly in the outcome. A traumatic brain injury is the term that is used when the damage that ensues is more serious in nature. There are different types of brain injuries and they can have varying notable or even unobserved effects.

A brain injury can be caused by a jolt or blow to the head. It may shake the brain within the skull or the skull can be penetrating, allowing the object to make one no one contact. A penetration can be far more harmful and should be assessed by a medical professional. A mild brain injury can still be harmful and should be evaluation to determine the extent of it. It may be a concussion and this may be recognizable when the injured person has trouble thinking straight, is sensitive to light and sound, is more emotional or irritable than usual, has a changed sleeping pattern, has trouble focusing or has blurry vision.

A more severe TBI can come in two forms. This is a closed or a penetrating one. A closed is more common in victims of a car collision when there was a great force that shook them. It can be clearer to recognize when a penetrating TBI results but a closed one may not be quite as easily recognized. A TBI can alter a person’s emotions, sensation, cognitive functioning and motor functioning. This will mean their memory, balance, personality and vision can all be drastically changed. An individual may initial fade in and out of consciousness or can be unconscious altogether. If you have a suffered a TBI or other serious injury, call a Morgantown personal injury attorney from our firm and see if you have a case for compensation.