May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month! As warm, sunny days are becoming more frequent and more motorcycles are out as a result, it is the perfect time for all drivers to think about how to safely share the road.

Motorcyclists and drivers behind the wheel of a car (or truck) can follow simple precautions to make the roads safe for all drivers.


As someone who shares the road with motorcycles, the best thing you can do to avoid accidents is remaining completely conscious of the other vehicles around you. Constantly check your mirrors while driving so you notice any people on motorcycles — this is especially important when turning or changing lanes. The small size of motorcycles makes them minimally visible to full-size vehicles, and motorcyclists may travel at high speeds or rapidly weave in and out of traffic. It is crucial to look in your mirrors and check your blind spots for motorcycles before making any moves on the road.

Keeping space between yourself and other drivers is good advice to follow at all times, but drivers should be extra careful about leaving space around motorcycles. Don’t tailgate! As a general rule, it’s best to allow as much space as you possibly can (without driving too slowly and endangering drivers behind you.)


Motorcycle safety is the responsibility of all drivers — including the motorcyclists themselves! To ensure your own safety as a motorcycle driver, the key is to follow the rules of the road and make yourself as visible as possible to other drivers. Make sure your motorcycle is properly maintained and equipped with lights and reflectors, and you, the rider, are wearing the necessary safety equipment. Always ride sober, and avoid behaviors that could endanger yourself and others, like speeding, tailgating, riding in another vehicle’s blind spot, or weaving through lanes.

Basic traffic safety measures are imperative to maintaining safe roads. Stick to the standard principles of traffic safety for a successful Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and for sharing the road year-round!

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