West Virginia Miner Dies After Being Pinned

A mining accident in the West Virginia area has left one worker fatality injured. The worker, SO, who was age 27 was at the Greenbrier County coal mine that is a section of the Alpha Natural Resources when the tragic incident happened. The victim was a certified electrician that had been in the field for over three years. The accident happened last Friday at around 1:30 a.m. when SO became pinned between a continuous mining machine and a scoop at the Pocahontas Mine A White Buck Portal. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was then pronounced dead soon after. The case is reportedly the six mining death that has taken place this year. Mining is a dangerous job, making it important for serious safety precautions to be taken.

It is left up to the company to implement and carry out safety measures. This includes training workers, making sure all machines are functioning properly and that safety gear is being used. Mistakes can be made but in cases it may be the company that is at fault for failing to take enough safety measures to look out for the protection of their workers. When looking to cut corners and costs they may fail to be as thorough as they should. Workers can face injuries that put them out of the job temporarily or permanently. Some are even killed, leaving their family to cope with the loss, as well as the additional expenses. An injury can be incredibly costly and mining companies may be held liable to pay damages. Are you a miner that has been injured on the job or do you have a loved one that has been killed while carrying out the functions of their position? Turn to a Morgantown personal injury attorney from our firm for exceptional handling of your personal injury case.