What are the Safest Cities in West Virginia?

According to the authorities, West Virginia crime rates have been inching up the last few years. SafeWise is an organization that keeps track of crime statistics in each state, and presents them in a “best” or “worst” sorting. The group recently released its 20 Safest Cities in West Virginia listing, which you can view in full by clicking here.

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How You Can Stay Safe On the Wintry Roads of West Virginia

The winter conditions in West Virginia means there is snow and ice on the roads just about wherever you go. Are you prepared for it? Staying safe and out of a weather-related car accident depends heavily on knowledge and preparation. Check out these must-know winter driving safety tips before you next drive out into the cold.

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An Overview of Premises Liability

In a premises liability case, there was an injury that occurred on the property of another. It may have been a fall, hitting their head or other accident that caused them harm. The main thing that will need to be established is whose fault it was. When an accident takes place on property it may be the injured party that was failing to pay attention or was acting recklessly. It can also be the owner of the property that was negligent in providing a safe area on their land. This may be failing to keep up with basic maintenance to ensure everything is working adequately. It can also be not actively going around the property and getting rid of any potential dangers, such as keeping walkways clear. They may know that a danger exists but they do not fix it or offer warning.

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A Closer Look at Cranston & Edwards

Experiencing an injury as a result of the negligent and careless acts of another individual can be named among some of the more difficult events an individual can face in their lifetime. Sadly, wrongful injuries can leave a person severely injured, sometimes with fatal results. Are you recently a victim of a wrongful injury caused by another individual or company? If so, you may have the opportunity to pursue a personal injury claim as a means of fighting for the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, as well as lost wages and extensive medical bills. When dealing with personal injury cases, there are a variety of possible causes including getting hit by a drunk driver, construction site accidents, medical malpractice and so much more. No person deserves to experience the injury due to the negligent and irresponsible actions of another individual or entity, and if this you know that you are not alone. At Cranston & Edwards, we are a Morgantown personal injury attorney’s office who is ready to help you fight for justice after your injury.

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Surgical Error

Medical treatment is highly sought each day by countless individuals. Whether it is continual care for an individual that has an illness or it is a person that is injured and enters into the emergency department. In a medical setting there are many workers that are there for the purpose of caring and healing the sick and injured. Doctors take an oath as part of their job that they will offer patients a certain standard of care and many times they do. This is not always the case however, and some of them will fail to give adequate care that they should provide. This can be seen in different areas, from the day to day care of a patient to the surgical room. Surgery is an incredibly serious and potential dangerous thing to undergo. Surgeons are trained extensively to take great caution in their profession. They may become lax and make a mistake that could have been avoided if they had been focused enough.

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West Virginia Miner Dies After Being Pinned

A mining accident in the West Virginia area has left one worker fatality injured. The worker, SO, who was age 27 was at the Greenbrier County coal mine that is a section of the Alpha Natural Resources when the tragic incident happened. The victim was a certified electrician that had been in the field for over three years. The accident happened last Friday at around 1:30 a.m. when SO became pinned between a continuous mining machine and a scoop at the Pocahontas Mine A White Buck Portal. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was then pronounced dead soon after. The case is reportedly the six mining death that has taken place this year. Mining is a dangerous job, making it important for serious safety precautions to be taken.

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How to Recognize a Brain Injury?

Many people will at some time face a trauma to their head. It is not uncommon for this area of the body to be injured, but it can vary greatly in the outcome. A traumatic brain injury is the term that is used when the damage that ensues is more serious in nature. There are different types of brain injuries and they can have varying notable or even unobserved effects.

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Hurricane Sandy Hits West Virginia

Hurricane Sandy is being felt across the North East by residents that are coping with extreme conditions. Originally considered to be a tropical storm, the characteristics of it have changed since its origin and it is now being referred to as post tropical by the National Hurricane Center. Sandy touched down on the coast in New Jersey with winds reaching around 80 mph. Since that time, it has also been reduced to a Superstorm, rather than a hurricane.

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