West Virginia Miner Dies After Being Pinned

A mining accident in the West Virginia area has left one worker fatality injured. The worker, SO, who was age 27 was at the Greenbrier County coal mine that is a section of the Alpha Natural Resources when the tragic incident happened. The victim was a certified electrician that had been in the field for over three years. The accident happened last Friday at around 1:30 a.m. when SO became pinned between a continuous mining machine and a scoop at the Pocahontas Mine A White Buck Portal. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was then pronounced dead soon after. The case is reportedly the six mining death that has taken place this year. Mining is a dangerous job, making it important for serious safety precautions to be taken.

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How to Recognize a Brain Injury?

Many people will at some time face a trauma to their head. It is not uncommon for this area of the body to be injured, but it can vary greatly in the outcome. A traumatic brain injury is the term that is used when the damage that ensues is more serious in nature. There are different types of brain injuries and they can have varying notable or even unobserved effects.

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Hurricane Sandy Hits West Virginia

Hurricane Sandy is being felt across the North East by residents that are coping with extreme conditions. Originally considered to be a tropical storm, the characteristics of it have changed since its origin and it is now being referred to as post tropical by the National Hurricane Center. Sandy touched down on the coast in New Jersey with winds reaching around 80 mph. Since that time, it has also been reduced to a Superstorm, rather than a hurricane.

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